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Welcome to the leftyguitarist.com the home of left-handed guitars, guitar theory for left-handers (including chord and scale charts for left-handers), and FAQ articles answering the most common questions beginner left-handed guitarists have.

Getting it Right for Left-Handed Guitarists

It’s not easy being a left-handed guitarist.

Teaching resources are designed for right-handers. There are fewer guitars available to choose from (not to mention you can expect to pay up to 10% more) and left-handed parts and accessories are harder to come by.

But fret not. The lefty guitarist has got you covered.

Our articles on guitar theory include left-handed chord charts and left-handed scale diagrams. And, our buying guides and FAQ articles only include left-handed guitars.

Latest Articles

  • The D Minor Chord | Left-Handed

    The D Minor Chord for Left-Handed Guitarists

    The D minor chord, regarded by some as the “saddest” of all chords, possesses a deep, emotional resonance that creates a melancholic and introspective tone, making it a favorite in … Read more

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  • C Minor Chord – For Left-Handed Guitarists

    The C Minor Chord for Left-Handed Guitarists

    Learn the C minor chord in our guide made specifically for left-handed guitarists. Learn three versions of C minor, take a deep dive into the theory behind the chord, and … Read more

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  • The B Minor Chord | Left Handed

    The B Minor Chord for Left-Handed Guitarists

    Mastering the Bm chord requires a bit of practice, especially in mastering its barre formation, but it’s a rewarding addition to any guitarist’s skill set. In this comprehensive guide, made … Read more

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  • A Minor Chord – For Left-Handed Guitarists

    The A Minor Chord for Left-Handed Guitarists

    Explore the A minor chord through our easy-to-follow guide. Master three variations of A Minor, and delve into the chord’s theory, tailored for left-handed players. How to play the A … Read more

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  • G-Major Chord – Left-Handed

    G Major Chord - Left-Handed

    Discover the G major chord with our simple guide. Learn three versions of G Major, along with the theory behind the chords all from a left-handed perspective. How to play … Read more

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  • Guitar Scales – A Left-Handed Guide

    Left-Hand Guitar Scales

    Learning scales are essential for anyone serious about learning the guitar. But, living in a right-handed world means scale diagrams are almost always created from the perspective of a right-handed … Read more

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